Polo Grill and Bar hosts annual Spyder Broussard Low Country Boil

by: Jay Heater

Spyder Broussard promised he had not touched the food that was about to be served to 250 guests at the 10th annual Spyder Broussard Low Country Boil held July 15 at Polo Grill and Bar in Lakewood Ranch.

Even though the event bears his name, Broussard said it wasn't because he can cook Cajun delicacies.

"Tommy's the cook," said Broussard of Polo Grill and Bar owner and chef Tommy Klauber.

Even so, it was Broussard who used to host a huge annual party ... a low country boil ... at his Sarasota home. Klauber, a good friend, would attend.

"Tommy said, 'Why not hold it (at Polo Grill and Bar)? It's been here ever since."

Broussard said the only reason his name remains on the event is because, "I'm the only real Cajun around."

"We started this because there was nothing happening during the summer," Klauber said. "As long as people keep coming, we will keep doing it."